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With ESPN-like replays and information overlays, stunning graphics, and new online features, Take 2 Interactive has knocked anot Copyright (C) Muze Inc. 2005. For personal use only. All rights reserved.

Take 2 InteractiveAes ESPN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2K5 for the Xbox has everything a major league baseball fan wants: amazing graphics, excellent game play, and a roster of all MBA teams, players, and fields. Online play and the Skybox area full of extras round out this grand slam. Game play is set up simulation style this time. Players can select one of five pitching interfaces, including the K-Zone, patterned after ESPNAes graphical replays. Pitchers have between three and six pitches each. Pitching itself involved some precise button pressing and timing in order to get the pitch to land exactly where it should. Batting is two versions: video game mode and pure baseball mode. Video game mode relies on timing and quick reflexes while pure baseball mode is centered around the use of a cursor to aim the swing. The on-command base running feature is also new, letting players temporarily give the CPU control of the batter while they concentrate on stealing bases.ESPN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2K5 also includes exhibition games, seasons, playoffs, home run derbies, and a situation mode that lets players set up what-if scenarios. Players can use the tokens received from playing games in the Skybox to unlock additional teams, characters, alternate uniforms, and arcade games such as air hockey and darts. With all of these extras, incredibly realistic graphics and commentary voices, and all the ESPN features included, ESPN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2K5 is a home run for sports game fans and baseball enthusiasts alike.Special Features:Online play is a major factor in ESPN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2K5. As many as players can participate in an online league, playing as many as games. To keep them private, leagues can also be password protected so only certain players may join. Exhibition matches, roster-updates, team statistics, league rankings, leader boards, and friends lists are also available. Copyright C Muze Inc. For personal use only. All rights reserved.

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