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A hip Italian phrase books for what matters most to your kids--sports, music, games, and more! Most Italian phrase books are written to educate serious adults. Problem is, most Italian-language learners live in the exciting yet awkward world of kids. Way-Cool Italian Phrasebook is the only Italian language-learning program on the market that focuses on the huge preteen market and the things your kids want to talk about, from favorite foods and games to clothes, sports, and more. It includes a prominently displayed, eye-grabbing mini-CD, made to operate on any tray-loading CD player and filled with a fun mix of tunes, chatting, and hanging out, all spoken by native-speaking kids. Designed for fun and to appeal to the more sophisticated sensibilities of kids heading into their teen years, Way-Cool Italian Phrasebook features: A look at what life is like for Italian teens Tips on using idioms and slang like a native speaker Important basics such as colors, numbers, days of the week, greetings, and more Copyright C Muze Inc. For personal use only. All rights reserved.

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