The Original Running Long Skirt (case of 6)

The Original Running Long Skirt (case of 6) (RSL000) For Sale Cheap

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Category: Sports & Toys
Sub Category: Sports & FitnessFitness/ExerciseFitness Apparel
Brand: None
Manufacturer Part #: RSL000

Inside loop and hookFitted inside pocketPocket for cell phone or MP3 playerElastic loop for doggie pick-up bagsVelcro wrap aroundAdjustable sizing

This product is priced and sold in a case pack of 6 . Don't feel limited by revealing workout clothes or allow insecurity to affect your workout. You are doing something good for yourself. The Running Skirt keeps you confidently in control and provides compartments for all your personal items: credit cards, cell phone, Blackberry®, key ring and water bottle. It's a fun, attractive fitness accessory that will ensure you get the most out of your workout, whatever your fitness level. Fabric specifications: The outer fabric is a water repellent and breathable nylon and the inside fabric includes a scientific structure similar to the human skin. It enhances air circulation, is waterproof and sweats discharging at the same time. The skirt has a wrap around design and is velcro adjustable to wear with your favorite pair of running pants or shorts. The water bottle holder is designed to fit any standard water bottle and is also integrated into the skirt so it can be fastened down on the days you don't need it. The outside pocket is designed to carry larger items such as keys, energy gels, mp3 player, cell phone and has a has another set of interior pockets designed to hold id, credit cards and chap stick. Product details: Water bottle holder Large front pocket Inside loop and hook Fitted inside pocket Pocket for cell phone or MP3 player Elastic loop for doggie pick-up bags Velcro wrap around Adjustable sizing

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