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Winning Isn?t Everything?In Fact, It Can Bankrupt You! Even if a lawsuit brought against you is frivolous and you know you can win, the costs of mounting a defense, hiring lawyers, paying expert witnesses and taking time away from your business to deal with the lawsuit can grow to astronomical levels. A business law attorney, arbitrator and mediator for more than years, Andrew Caffey exposes the secret to protecting yourself from the high cost of lawsuits a secret most lawyers will never admit to?it?s better to stay out of court! Caffey gives you all the tools you need to solve disputes without going to court: Learn conflict-management techniques that improve relationships. Write contracts that actually prevent lawsuits. Deal directly with the other party?no lawyers involved. Use creative techniques that can solve your dispute long before going to court. Write a settlement agreement with an outcome you both agree on. Most small-business owners can?t afford to go to court. If you take the advice in this book and put it into practice, you won?t have to. Copyright C Muze Inc. For personal use only. All rights reserved.

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