Portable Butane Gas Burner

Portable Butane Gas Burner (201-10053) For Sale Cheap

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Category: Recreation & Sports
Sub Category: Sports Gear & EquipmentCamping/HikingCamp Cookware
Brand: Powercraft
Manufacturer Part #: 201-10053

Perfect for camping, our portable butane gas grill is lightweight and easy-to-use.

Perfect for camping, our portable butane gas range is lightweight and easy-to-use. The stovetop takes up virtually no space, so you can throw it in your backpack, suitcase, trunk, or even under your bed, to assure warm meals straight off the burner. It operates with an easy-to-change butane cartridge not included, and a lever-separating safety device, you can store this burner with complete confidence. Whether cooking the day's catch next to the lake, or letting the microwave in your dorm room take a break, this portable butane gas range will amaze you with its efficiency and convenience. Get cooking with a dash of savings with Overstock.com. Butane canister not included due to federal shipping restrictions.

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