MagnaDreamPad Magnetic Mattress Pad (Twin)

MagnaDreamPad Magnetic Mattress Pad (Twin) (MDP-TW) For Sale Cheap

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Manufacturer Part #: MDP-TW

Sweet dreams and even sweeter awakenings await you on this MagnaDreamPad Magnetic Mattress Pad.

Sweet dreams and even sweeter awakenings await you on this MagnaDreamPad Magnetic Mattress Pad. The MagnaDreamPad is the pinnacle of magnetic health and sleeping comfort. The top layer is structural grade polyester fiber quilted to our luxurious Damask quilting top The second layer is Visco memory foam developed by NASA. Visco foam has a firm surface that will mold to your body for deep comfort and support The MagnaDreamPad has larger magnets 1-inch x .25-inch discs for more magnetic strength. The magnets are of gauss rated material, and are cradled in valleys of hospital grade convoluted finger foam that adds comfort to the already luxurious pad Magnets are attached using the state of the art hot melt glue process The bottom layer of the MagnaDreamPad has a polyester fiber padding quilted to an exclusive non-skid surface pad backing The combination of structural fiber, Visco memory foam and hospital grade convoluted finger foam gives you the ultimate deep-sleeping surface Twin size

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