Lapis Lazuli Ocean 6-in. Gemstone Globe

Lapis Lazuli Ocean 6-in. Gemstone Globe (6068-3) For Sale Cheap

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Manufacturer Part #: 6068-3
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This elegant, eye-catching gemstone globe will add elegance to any setting. Its 6-inch diameter is intricately assembled by hand

This lapis lazuli ocean gemstone globe has been painstakingly assembled by hand using different semi-precious stones from all over the world! Our globe is 6 inches in diameter, and has been mounted on a beautiful three-legged polished bronze stand. A precise, glass-topped, integral bronze compass sits near the bottom of the stand. Each country is inlaid from a different, individually cut stone that has been polished and set into this exquisite piece of art: ivory, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, amethyst, African jade, tiger's eye, jasper, turquoise, purple quartz, onyx, unakite, abalone, and many other beautifully hued stones. Very thin ribbons of brass form the latitude and longitude lines. This is the ultimate gift for any world traveler, map or globe collector, or geography buff!

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