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Hallmarked as the most successful text of its kind, this remarkably thorough book covers all aspects or the propagation of plantsboth sexual and asexualwith considerable attention given to human vs. natural efforts to increase plant numbers. The text presents both the art and science of propagation, and conveys knowledge of specific kinds of plants and the particular methods by which those plants must be propagated. New features of the seventh edition include: In-depth text boxes separate more advanced topics or highlight specific key terminology. User-friendly elements, such as chapter-opening objectives and a marginal glossary have been added to assist users in managing and digesting the vast amount of technical information presented in this course. FREE glossary CD-ROM packaged with the text provides a valuable resource for learning the extensive new vocabulary of this course. Full-color photos and video clips help bring many of the terms to life. Chapter 2 has been extensively revised to synthesize the revolutionary impact of biotechnology. The new chapter alerts readers to recent biotechnology advances, their impact on biological concepts and their impact on the practice of plant propagation and makes readers aware of the increasing promise and controversy this technology brings with it. Copyright C Muze Inc. For personal use only. All rights reserved.

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