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Football managers are at the center of today`s commercially-driven football world, scrutinized, celebrated and under pressure as never before. This book is the first in-depth history of the role of the manager in British football, tracing a path from Victorian-era amateurism to the highly paid motivational specialists and media personalities of the twenty-first century. Using original source materials, the book traces the changing character and function of the football manager, covering: 7 the origins of football management - club secretaries and early pioneers 7 the impact of post-war social change - the advent of the football business 7 television and the new commercialism 7 contemporary football - specialization and the influence of foreign managers and management practices 7 the future of football management The Football Manager examines the influence of Britain`s traditionally pragmatic and hierarchical business management culture onBritish football, and in doing so provides a new and broader perspective on a unique management role and a unique way of life. For those interested in the history of football and for those interested in management more generally, this book is a valuable new resource. Copyright C Muze Inc. For personal use only. All rights reserved.

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