Enya - Only Time: The Collection [Box]

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Track Listing: Watermark Exile Aldebaran Dedicated To Ridley Scott March Of The Celts Boadicea Sun In The Stream, The On Your Shore Cursum Perficio Storms In Africa - original Celts, The Miss Clare Remembers I Want Tomorrow Orinoco Flow Ebudae River Longships, The Na Laehta Geal M'Oige Book Of Days - original single version Shepherd Moons Caribbean Blue Evacuee Evening Falls Lothlorien Marble Halls After Ventus No Holly For Miss Quinn Memory Of Trees, The Anywhere Is Athair Ar Neamh China Roses How Can I Keep From Singing? Hope Has A Place Tea House Moon Pax Deorum Eclipse Isobella Only Time - original album version Day Without Rain, A Song Of The Sandman Lullaby Willows On The Water Wild Child - album version Flora's Secret Fallen Embers Tempus Vernum Deora Ar Mo Chroi One By One First Of Autumn, The Lazy Days May It Be - single version Oiche Chiuin Silent Night Copyright C Muze Inc. For personal use only. All rights reserved.

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