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Learn How to Play Smart, Stay Safe, and Have Fun with Online Poker Under the gun, I had a nut flush draw on the flop, so I go over the top back into the small blind, the guy on the button smooth calls, and I catch the boat on fifth street! The above quote may not sound intelligible to you now, but it actually makes perfect sense to dedicated poker players. Deal Me In! will have you talking the talk and walking the walk in no time. Whether you`re playing with funny money or real stakes, you`ll discover how fun and exciting online poker is, and how it demands much of the same strategies and skills as a live game. But with Internet poker you can play any time of the day or night, and choose from thousands of games to match your skill level and bankroll. Whether you`re an experienced poker player new to the online scene or a complete novice, Deal Me In! will help you get in on the action! This complete and entertaining primer explains how to get started playing online poker in a safe and secure way, with an emphasis on the popular game Texas Hold `Em. Touching on all aspects of online play, you`ll learn how to: * Connect to online satellites and big-time tournaments * Grasp the basic poker rules and hand rankings * Adjust to the intricacies of playing on the Internet * Navigate the free-money cardrooms * Take a seat at a virtual poker table * Get comfortable with online poker room etiquette * Establish a real-money account * Figure out table stakes, the rake, and other playing expenses * Incorporate online strategy and specialty moves * And much, much more! Novice players will find the handy tear-out card just what they need to get up to speed on the hand rankings and the popular poker lingo. Copyright C Muze Inc. For personal use only. All rights reserved.

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