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Brought to the public's attention in the film Erin Brockovich, chromium(VI) (Cr(VI)) may be a larger problem than it was once th Copyright (C) Muze Inc. 2005. For personal use only. All rights reserved.

Brought to the public's attention in the film Erin Brockovich, chromiumVI CrVI may be a larger problem than it was once thought to be. For example, the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition estimates that the million computers expected to become obsolete and discarded by the year would contain, among other toxic constituents, 1.2 million pounds of CrVI, a hazardous waste when released into the environment. Because of the high stakes involved in CrVI litigation issues, there is a demand for clear, accurate, and authoritative information on this subject as provided in this handbook.Compiled by a team of scientists, engineers, regulators, and lawyers, the ChromiumVI Handbook consolidates the latest literature on this topic. The broad scope of this book fills the need for a comprehensive resource on CrVI, improving the understanding of its behavior when the extent and degree of the problem are still being evaluated.Up-to-date, succinct, and practical, the ChromiumVI Handbook provides a detailed understanding of the geochemistry that controls the distribution of chromium in its various forms in soil and groundwater. This book is a well-organized guide for scientifically-based site assessments and remediation of CrVI, and a definitive resource for environmental remediation, industrial hygiene, and occupational health professionals. Copyright C Muze Inc. For personal use only. All rights reserved.

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