Band/Orchestra Clarinet Package

Band/Orchestra Clarinet Package (CLN301) For Sale Cheap

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Category: Gifts & Flowers
Sub Category: Musical InstrumentsBand & Orchestral InstrumentsWoodwind Instruments
Brand: Argent
Manufacturer Part #: CLN301

Do you want to blow to your hearts content? Well then the Band/Orchestra Clarinet package is the answer to your lungs dreams!

Do you want to blow to your hearts content? Well then the Band/Orchestra Clarinet package is the answer to your beginning student's dreams! Not only does the set come with a quality clarinet, it includes a quality hard shell ABS protective plush lined case, mouthpiece, reed, reed holder, clarinet swab and more. will blow you away with low prices! Features include: Clarinet ABS protective plush lined case Mouthpiece Reed Reed holder Clarinet swab Foldable music stand

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