American Civil War: Gettysburg

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American Civil War: Gettysburg Lead the Confederate army as they fight their way into the heart of the northern aggressor or take command of the Union forces as they hold fast against the rebel invaders.Immerse yourself in the action, as detailed 3D battlegrounds capture the realism and grandeur inspired by such famous conflicts as Little Roundtop and Picket's ChargeOut maneuver and out flank your enemy using an array of troops, including infantry soldiers, fast moving cavalry, and ground shaking artillery. Historical ReferenceCommand an Array of Troops Detailed Reference Section Strategic Turn-Based Combat 16 Mission Campaign Stand-Alone Skirmish Battles Detailed 3D Landscapes Multiplayer BattlesIncludes a detailed reference section with historical documents, pictures, and more.Product ESRB Rating EveryoneSystem Requirements : Windows Pentium III RAM, 8X CDROM, DirectX 9.0 compatible video card, DirectX 9.0 sound card, Keyboard, Mouse Copyright C Muze Inc. For personal use only. All rights reserved.

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